Ingeborg Berger

I was born in Wernstein am Inn in Austria at the border to Germany in 1966. After primary and secondary school I graduated from the Domestic Sience College for economic professions in Ried im Innkreis in 1987 with a focus on visual education, psychology and philosophy.

There have been a lots of artists in my family and therefore it was rather normal to be artistically active. Since it is not easy to make a living as an artist I chose a different path first. I was briefly occupied as a secretary in a purchasing department. After getting married in 1987, my two children were born in 1991 and 1992.


Nevertheless, my artistic and creative ambitions never faded. I was still interested in representational and tangible materials as well as handling and processing them. I have worked with different handi-craft techniques out of sheer joy. Besides workin with Tiffany glass technique, painting ceramics, felting and glaze techniques in ceramics,  I also attended coures at

  • Luciana Notturni (2004, Ravenna, Italy) in mosaic technique
  • Erna Piechna-Sowersby (2006, Switzerland) in glass fusing
  • Maria Geßler-Garzuly (2010, Hungary) in printing on ceramics

Studio - Art Gallery

I had been running my Studio at home until the opening of my studio in Schärding am Inn in 2007. I began studying religious education at the Private University of the Diocese of Linz. as a distance learnig course four years later. However, due to time restrictions, I decided to close my studio with a heavy heart and began teaching at two primary schools in the Schärding district in 2013. Nevertheless, I ended my employment after the first school year, as I would have had to drive long distances due to a lack vacancies. In addition I realized that I really missed the manual work. In spite of everything, it was a great experience working with children which I would not want to miss. In 2015 I opened my current studio Einzig & ARTig in Passau (known as the city of Three Rivers) where I have been selling my self-made artworks ever since. 





In the last 20 years I have participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad such as in Munich, Regensburg, Burghausen, Salzburg, Gmunden, Traun, Wels, etc.