I use different modelling and firing techniques depending on the desired surface.


Raku firing, the ceramic is taken out of the ciln in the glowing state and smoked in pots. The fire is deprived of oxygen usually by burying or covering it with wood sawdust. This reduction produces the typical Craquelé , the glazes are given their final colour and the smoke stains the unglazed spaces Grey to black. It is important to take time for this whole process and to perform everything in peace. Since it can only be partially controlled, each object receives an unpredictable and unique style.


It is called Stoneware ceramics when the clay was fired on 1240 degrees Celsius in the electric or gas furnace. The ceramics are therefore frost-resistant and waterproof.


Ceramics that are not frost-resistent which will be fired up to approximately 1100 Degrees Celsius in an electric or gas ciln are called earthenware ceramics.